Employer's Responsibilities

Ensure employees are aware of their right to accommodation, explain details about the workplace accommodation policy and distribute copies of the policy.

Once a request is received, discuss the accommodation options with the employee.

Take notes and keep records of all discussions about accommodation.

Grant accommodation requests in a timely, reasonable manner, to the point of undue hardship.

Take an active role in exploring alternative approaches and solutions to accommodate the employee.

Obtain expert opinion and advice from human resources, healthcare or other professionals, when necessary.

Pay the cost of accommodations, including any required information or documentation related to the employee’s health limitations or restrictions. E.g. employers should pay for doctors’ notes and letters describing accommodation needs or health limitations.

Keep the employee’s personal and health-related information confidential.

Be willing to review and modify the accommodation agreement if the circumstances change or the solution is no longer working.

Provide details to justify decisions where accommodation has been denied.

Advise employees about their right to appeal and their right to approach the Canadian Human Rights Commission.